Sunday, September 1, 2013

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I once read that new experiences trigger denser memories. First time events are deeply encoded with rich, novel detail that cannot be easily attached to previous neuron firings. Thus, I can recall the nuances of a family vacation to Niagara Falls when I was no more than eight years old as an extended sensory panorama that seems to have lasted for months, when, in fact, we were away from home less than a week. I recall the lumpy beds in the cabin we stayed in the first night out, the sight of cows in the dewy meadow across the highway the next morning, the roadside teepee where my parents bought me a beaded "Indian Princess" doll, the heaviness of the oversized yellow rain slicker I had to wear and the chill of the nearby waterfall as we rode the Maid of the Mist.

In contrast, since I'm now an experienced traveler, the recent tour of the Northeast Michael and I took with stops in North Bellmore, NY - East Meadow, NY - South Chatham, MA - Northport, NY - Hungtington, NY - Lebanon, NJ before driving the 11 hour journey home is stored in memory as more or less a whirlwind. In recollection it is shrunk into one delicious, kalaidescopic gulp of goodness. Instead of the details, I appear to have each segment of that trip recorded as fewer details, but more intense emotions - the ever-bittersweet time with Mom and brother Josh, sharing laughs and fine food with old friends, the non-demanding embrace of cousins on Chatham Bay, inspirational exchanges with a wise muse and her hubby, a deeply moving family birthday party provoking thoughts of generations moving on, and, finally, sweetly savored moments of love exchanged with our grand daughter, days before she begins her senior year of high school. A week turned into a blink and tucked among so many other fast flying moments of Summer 2013, traveling and hosting travelers from afar.

It is now Labor Day Weekend. Dogwoods and Fire Bushes are already showing red leaves. Tomato plants have succumbed to blight (too much rain!) Goldfinches are moving ever so slightly into their duller colors. And children have returned to school. I guess I wasn't bored, because I'm wanting to stall these changes out a bit. 

I know all the wonderful ways I've filled my summer days, and I would count each one as happy. I've been playful and creative and crossed off many items that have been on my "to do" list for a long time. Most satisfying was collaborating with Brother Josh to enroll Mom in an adult daycare program she'll attend twice a week, thus tearing down the wall of isolation that has surrounded her and attacked her mind. But I haven't had my fill of looong, sunny days, and too few of them, if any, have been lazy. So much yet to do, so little time...But hold on; just hold on a minute....

There is no such thing as time. Time is a construct of the human mind. To say, "I don't have enough time" is absurd. The key to stretching time is to live it more fully aware of all we are experiencing in each juicy moment. Treasure yesterday as an archive of done and learned. Keep future oriented list making to the minimum required for staying in sync. And turn your attention to right now. What is the best use of your time right now? What is calling to you as most life-affirming, right now? 

For me it is stepping away from this Blogger communication with you and moving into an afternoon stroll along a shady path, looking for birds and other beauty and opening to what may come. Novelty triggers dense memories and I want Summer 2013 to be recalled in rich detail. Enjoy the change of season!

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