Saturday, February 9, 2013

Begin With the End in Mind

Here's a story about a nurse's observations of  The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. I'd love to hear feedback from you on what you might add or substitute on this list.

I expressed some of my own regrets in 2009 when I penned this poem:

Epitaph for a Spirit

A beautiful, fragile flower has finished her season.
In her own words, 
“She did nothing, she left nothing, she had a good time.”
But we know better.

Driven by passion and guided by intent,
She moved like a graceful, precariously balanced top.
Ever bumping into opportunities to grow in empathy,
And leave behind positive, fruitful energy.

How tragically ironic that one so blessed,
Was unable to feel these contacts more deeply,
Nor recognize the trail of tiny, mighty gifts in her wake. 

Few of us give ourselves the credit we deserve for the value we bring to the world simply by showing up. Our Judeo-Christian traditions emphasize humility over pride (one of the seven deadly sins, after all). I must have bought into this twisted belief early on. For me, accepting and appreciating my own "worthiness" has required persistent effort. Maybe that's why I have devoted myself to encouraging others toward self-acceptance in my daily encounters, and in my career, writing and art. I'm still working on it.

Love Yourself as You Love Others

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