Friday, December 21, 2012

Time to Leave The Dark Behind

 December 21, 2012 ~ according to some, the end of a major cosmic cycle. The planets are positioned in a rather rare alignment, which happens to coincide with the winter solstice. Oddly reminds me of Hurricane Sandy, a nor'easter, and high tide all simultaneously converging on the New York Metro area. Can you feel the influence of science, faith and fear in the air once again? I can.

I understand from our weather scientists that we can expect increased solar flares and sun spots in the coming year, consistent with a recurrent eleven year cycle of waxing and waning solar energy activity. Following its regular path, the sun is returning to the northern hemisphere, and we can look forward to its warming effect. So much for science.

At a previous "turning point", when a shift from the 20th into the 21st century approached, I got involved with the fear and had my plastic sheeting, duct tape, food, and bottled water prepared in advance.

This time, I reject the fear. Amid all the hype predicting an end to life as we know it, I have faith. A shift creates an opening. I'm focused on making this shift more of an opening for light than ever before.

The sun's light is what makes life possible on this carbon based planet. Turn to it. Feel it. Let it soothe, promote health, and empower us. Get outdoors, away from an isolated indoor existence. Move toward friends. Plant a garden. Eat what is in season. Flow with the natural cycles.

This is definitely the time to find the power of light inside ourselves. Choose to laugh. Choose forgiveness. Choose compromise. Now, more than ever, turn on your heartlight. 

If only I were a skilled sci-fi writer. I would create a screen play for the title I've held in my head for years and years called "Microbes, Bits and Bytes." It focuses on a war for survival. The competitors: The planet Earth, in the form of naturally occurring bacteria and viruses (microbes); the few humans still alive after our foolish behavior has decimated the resources of home (bits); and virus-laden artificial intelligence gone rogue (bytes).

The resolution? Humans and nature discover a way to align themselves, first with their own kind, then with each other. They are then able to unite with the misdirected force of technology in a transformative way that results in a totally new species. Thus, life survives, though not life as we know it - a better life form with expectations of ongoing balance and productive harmony.
In my story, the way to a happy ending begins with welcoming alignment and expanding upon the light in our lives.

Now and into the new year, I hope light and laughter follow your every move.


  1. I so agree with you, Sharon. It's going to be an interesting world when we all choose light and love, instead of more things to save us from ... what was it that we will be saved from if we purchase those things to stock up, again?

  2. I like the perspective in this post. Nice job.