Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stop Pointing Fingers

Put Your Head, Heart and Hands To Work

It's kind of early in the election season, not even October, and I am already more than tired of listening to people pointing fingers at one another and yelling, "You're the enemy."

On the contrary, every single one of us has the potential to contribute something that will make a difference, move us in the direction of goals we have in common: peace, love and abundance for ourselves and those we love. Imagine if we stopped allowing ourselves to be manipulated into separate corners and began to listen and work together in our  neighborhoods, and then linked ourselves into neighborhood networks and formed true local communities, and found a way to cooperate with and stimulate the success of other nearby communities. . . .

 We Are the Heroes for Our Times

Our problems look enormous and the world seems bleak,
So listen up people to what I speak.
Hear my words, ‘cause they’re not absurd,
“Fight doom and gloom, beat creeps and crimes,
You are the hero for our times.”

Open up your ears, ‘cause my words are true,
You are the hero… and you… and you.
Yo, pay attention to these hip hop rhymes,
For we are the heroes for these times.

All you have to do now is take a look around,
No matter where you look, here’s exactly what you’ve found
No matter where you’re at, you’re in for stormy weather,
Yeah, we’re all in this together.

Our problems can’t be solved by any one election,
That’s not enough correction,
We need a new direction.
It’s not up to Mr. President, ‘cause in America, we are the government.
You’ve got to participate to build a world that’s really great.

Look in the mirror and you will see,
You are the one; you have the key.
Look below the surface and you will find,
You’re more than body, heart, and mind.
Answers don’t fall from a sky that’s blue,
They come from the power inside of you…and you…and, hey, me too!

If you want to have an impact,
Get back on the right track,
It’s a fact, Jack.
We can eliminate what’s rude and crude,
But we each have to watch our own attitude.
Hey, look into your own attitude.

Danger is everywhere, triggering many fears - and so it has for years,
But we can overcome with the force of bright ideas.
Now is the time to get upbeat,
Put our heads together, so our minds can meet.
Use your will and talent to create a new beginning
Where everyone is winning.

Human beings are the most adaptable of creatures,
With a ton of classy features,
We’re the dream team,
So listen to my scheme.

It’s perfectly fine to sing your own song,
But to be in harmony, we have to sing along.
I want to hear our blended voices ring out loud and strong.

Let’s take responsibility, ‘cause freedom isn’t really free.
We must pitch in, make room, and go the extra mile,
And here’s one great idea, let’s do it with a smile.

Let’s focus on what’s going right – what can be done,
And while we’re at it - let’s have some fun.
Our brightest visions can come true,
I make it happen and so do you…and you…and, hey, you too!

I must conclude now by repeating the heart of my rhymes,
We are the heroes for our times.
Can you find it in your own heart,
Every woman, child and man,
I ask you, say it with me – Yes, I Can!

Let me hear you answer enthusiastically,
Is there someone eager, ready to carry out my plan?
I bet I know your answer –
Yessssss! We Can!

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