Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blue Moon

Beautiful Blue Moon over Asheville, Sept. 31, 2012

I put water out to be blessed by the full moon on Friday night, the night of the Blue Moon. Rumor has it that I can use it to help manifest my dreams. I'm happy to collect a new tool, but I must say it often seems to me that I have lived my whole life under a blue moon. I'm a Pisces - a water sign; the sign of the fish swimming in two directions. I can always see more than one perspective on a situation, can easily put myself in someone else's shoes to empathize with her point of view. And my dreams have come to fruition, over and over again, in seemingly miraculous ways.

This summer is a great example. With some coaxing and a bit of effort, but not a whole lot of struggle, Mike and I have had a fantastic season. Our deck garden was bountiful.
Blueberries picked in June
Beans, Pesto, and Kohrabi Slaw in July
And veggies I didn't know would grow in pots

Our community garden once again provided food, fun and friendship. We're exploring the opportunity to take it to a whole new level of connection with folks "outside the gate" next year.

The Gleaning Gang
Mike and I logged many miles on the Prius and have more trips planned for the Fall.
East Hampton with the Willen-Robbins Clan
A day in the park
Brunch with Mom
What more can I dream of? Life on borrowed time, Love overflowing, a healthy happy family, freedom to move about, and a serene setting for our cozy nest. I am grateful for all that I have and am wishing you the same blessings through all seasons.

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