Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling the Spirit

I've always resonated with energy in this season - the season of rebirth, the season where evidence of a beneficent universal force is front and center. As a child, I loved the Passover Holiday. It meant coming together with our extended family, playing with favorite cousins I didn't get to see every day, eating special foods prepared by Grandma, Mom and her sisters, participating in rituals I knew dated back to early history. Basically, Spring is a time when I feel connected - to nature, to family, to tradition - and this connection fills and renews me after bearing up under the dreary weight of winter. 

The Passover story and the Easter story seem related by their common message: Have hope; always have hope, because there are protective forces operating behind the scenes which can help ease any burden and sometimes even eliminate it all together.

In 2006 - 2007, I directly experienced the Grace of God or the unfathomable forces of the universe (whichever way you feel comfortable "tagging" it). I'm not referring only to the miracle of making my way to the top of the list of people waiting desperately for a liver transplant or surviving and recuperating from the eleven hour operation to return home just a week before Passover. Throughout that year long ordeal, I felt the connection to spirit in the form of the clear thoughts, resilient emotions, and guiding dreams that came my way. Before then I would have said, "I wouldn't be strong enough to face that kind of challenge." But now I know better.

When we are most vulnerable, if we let go of "holding on" to old ways of seeing the world and perceiving limits, we open ourselves up to a force that parts the waters and returns the dead to life. Consider in your life the moments when you've felt that extra help which turned a bad situation around or at least nudged it in a new direction. Let's celebrate this season with gratitude for that universal power which is accessible to and connects us all. 

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