Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Are The Heroes

We're facing challenging times. Seems like there's more than enough to worry about. A sluggish worldwide economy, natural disasters, inflammatory media, wars in the Middle East, conflicts in Africa and Asia, global warming, domestic abuse, an epidemic of childhood obesity. Lots of troublesome issues, now as always. Many people are hoping for Superman to show up or be elected to "make it all right." I just don't feel that's the answer.

Here's a poem I wrote in 1993 (before Barack Obama ever had a campaign slogan.) It's about real heroes who are close at hand. Please excuse my feeble attempt at making it a rap song, but I think the content still hits the mark.

My Hero - originally called, "Mr. Pos"

We Are The Heroes For Our Times

Our problems look enormous and the world seems bleak,
So listen up people to what I speak.
Hear my words, 'cause they're not absurd -
"Fight doom and gloom, beat creeps and crimes,
You are the hero for our times."
Open up your ears, 'cause my words are true,
You are the hero...and you...and you.
Yo, pay attention to these hip hop rhymes,
For we are the heroes for these times.
We are the heroes for these times.

Hey, no matter where you're at, you're in for stormy weather.
Yeah, we're all in this together.
Our problems can't be solved by any one election,
That's not enough correction; we need a new direction.
It's not up to Mr. President,
For in America we are the government.
You've got to participate to build a world that's really great.

Look in the mirror and you will see,
You are the one and you are the key.
Look below the surface and you will find,
You're more than body, heart and mind.
Answers don't fall from the sky that's blue.
They come from the power inside of you...and you...
...and, yep, me too!

So as this hip hop song goes round and round,
Get in step with its positronic sound.
Yo, get in step with its positronic sound.

If you want to have an impact, get back on the right track,
It's a fact, Jack -
We can eliminate what's rude and crude,
But we all have to watch our own attitude.
Hey, look into your own attitude.

Now is the time to get upbeat,
Put our heads together, so our minds can meet.
Use your will to create a new beginning,
Everyone is winning, and it's only the first inning.

Danger everywhere triggers off fears - has for years -
But we can overcome with the force of bright ideas.
Human beings are the most adaptable of creatures,
With a ton of classy features,
We're the dream team!
So listen to my scheme.

We have our differences, and they make us strong,
It's OK to sing your own song,
But we've got to get along.
Let's take responsibility,
'Cause freedom isn't really free.

So pitch in, make room, go the extra mile,
And do it with a smile!
Let's focus on what's going right - what can be done,
And let's have FUN.
Our brightest visions can come true,
I make it happen and so do you...and you...and you,
And hey, you too!

So I'll conclude by repeating the message of my rhymes,
We are the heroes for our times,
We are the heroes for our times!

Every enthusiastic child, woman and man,
Say it with me - "Yes, I can!"
Ev-er-y enthusiastic child, woman and man,
Say it with me - "Yes, I can!"

I am asking, "Is there someone to carry out my plan?"
Let me hear you, "YES, WE CAN!"

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