Saturday, March 3, 2012

Seasonal Stir-Up

Spring Fever (from Wikipedia)

I've had both this week - and in spades. Restless energy accompanied by a debilitating lack of concentration - I wanted to do everything creative and productive and restorative and culinary and horticultural and...and...and.... But, at the same time, was unable to focus for a minute on anything. Started projects and piles of paper and supplies collected on every horizontal surface in every room.

I was plagued by symptoms that were either horrible allergic reactions to the burgeoning bloom (trees, shrubs, flowers coaxed into early awakening by the unusually warm winter and 70 degree spring days we've "enjoyed") or an actual undiagnosed illness. My sinuses were so swollen and painful that the only way to approach relief was to curl up in a fetal position and push myself into dreamland through rhythmic (though necessarily shallow) breathing. Much as I needed the stress relief of a good yoga session or some aerobics, I was prevented from doing any exercise (no Wi-Fit indoors, no walking outdoors) by joints screaming in pain anytime my body was upright. Neck, elbows, fingers, knees, ankles and beyond - if it could move, it hurt to do so and throbbed or ached if left alone. Oh woe was me.

Remember Aunt Polly giving Tom Sawyer Castor Oil to fight Spring Fever? Well, her instincts were on target. Honestly, I think it's a real disease. Spring stirs up the swamp water in me every year. My desire to bring forth something new swirls powerfully from deep in my soul to the surface of my consciousness, where it unfortunately meets up with all manner of resistance. As my skin and respiratory system are busy struggling to adapt to an onslaught of tiny new particles in the air, my interest in food and subsequent digestion become erratic, adding lack of nourishment to deprivation from quality sleep. Down and down I go physically, and that's when my spirit sinks. It would not be inaccurate for me to scream at this point, "Help! I've fallen (into a depression) and can't get up."

Rx for survival:
  1. Take it as it comes, accept the reality of my personal frailties.
  2. Give in to the forced "vacation" - no workout, no blogging, no web-surfing, no tax prep, no seed starting, no Spring cleaning.... 
  3. Repeat four times daily, "This too shall pass."
  4. Drink lots of water, eat what pleases, and begin the use of antihistamine tabs.
I hope your week was better than mine and that you'll accept this as my apology for my recent disappearance.


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