Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreams Really Do Come True

My friend, my dear long-time friend, is getting married next weekend. The picture above shows how these lovely and loving people looked when they first met, as star-crossed lovers, many decades ago. She was newly-divorced and tied to New York by a joint custody agreement with her ex. He was barely separated from his unhappy marriage partner in Montana. Yet when they first encountered one another at a professional conference, both of them felt the magical soul stirring which made their meeting unforgettable. They corresponded and spoke on the phone some, but to avoid compounding their mutual sadness, they went about the business of life apart, because they had to.

My girlfriend married a second time and was prematurely widowed after just a few years. She dated and had one long-term relationship, but never forgot the man she felt had really looked into her heart, and she kept a flame burning there always for the wonderment of his presence in the world.

The sun and moon make their cycles; children grow and become parents on their own; we age and change and continue to seek fulfillment. And the world, too, changes around us. Indeed. On a lark, my friend used the technology of today, Facebook, to perhaps get a glimpse of her long lost love. And it worked.

Once again, they communicated via the Internet, phone and e-mail. And then he invited her for a visit to his new home in the southwest. Their work brought them together on the East Coast as well, or perhaps he made his schedule veer that way. And then she, who was always anchored in and anxious to leave the "old home place", finally, happily, was able to sell it (even in a horrible real estate market) could move in with her one true love.

There are not many people who have been so consistently present in my life as this woman. We worked together professionally, celebrated one another's milestones and achievements, and held one another's hands through desperate moments. She was the one who made the match between me and my husband. And now, as my friend approaches age 60, I get to celebrate the best match she's ever made. Next weekend she and her beau will be officially united. Certainly not because they need to, but because they want to and are daring enough to make their lifelong dream a reality.

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  1. I will be checking in on you.
    With just a glance
    can see we have some things in common :)
    Visit me again....