Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the Spirit of the Season

Last night I got the message below from my very talented and soul-full friend, Mark Bloom. Mark is a muse as well as being amusing. He was the "Uber-Master" Director (a.k.a. team leader) the years I participated in the "48 Hr. Film Festival" here in Asheville. He coordinates a local freelance writers' group I drop in on from time to time. And he sends the occasional e-mail urging action on worthwhile causes or bearing invitations to stimulating events. I'm equally fond of Mark's wife, Deborah, with whom I share a penchant for crochet and personal growth. And when you see the picture of Jemimah, you'll know who my real favorite is in their family. 

From Mark, via e-mail:
OK, first, let me state for the record that I'm not sending this because I love you ... at least not in that way. I'm sending this to men and women alike, and not because I'm becoming bi-curious or even want an extramarital affair (although I've heard that a man needs a mistress, if only to break the monogamy). I'm sending this because Deborah created the attached e-card from a photo of Jemimah, who many of you know. If this doesn't make your heart go all a-fluttering, perhaps you can share it with someone you think it will affect in that way.

Let's all work to make 2012 the best time of our lives. The best way to love others is to love yourself ... well, not that way. Let me try again. The best way to bring love into the world is to share your talents ... in a clean way, of course. Oh, screw it. Have yourselves a happy Valentine's Day and let the chips (or whatever) fall where they may.
    -Best, Mark
Aaah - Jemimah
How to reach Mark H. Bloom:
video producer
Reel Change Films
Changing the world ... one video at a time

323-405-REEL (7335)
For more smiles, check out Mark's blog, Don't Even Go There: A Travel Blog for the Rest of Us
"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stay at home more often." 

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