Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time Out

Meditation is a time out for thinkers. No pressure. No responsibility. No shoulds. Just notice what comes.

Somehow people have come to believe meditation is about emptying your mind. It really is more about letting go of the urge to dwell on, evaluate, or follow the thoughts that arise. Just observe them, paying more attention to the sensations that accompany them, including the coming and going of your breath.

You gain control by letting go of control. I am porous. Everything that is, ever was, ever will be flows through me, here and now. I am part of the flow.

Meditation: Neither awake nor asleep, but somewhere in between. An invigorating state that opens you up to the deeper place where thoughts and dreams begin, where they are sourced before they take shape.

Turn up the corners of your mouth to smile. This softens your cheeks. Let your eyes, behind your eyelids, fall toward the bridge of your nose, slightly softening your gaze, inward. Breathe in. Breathe out. Be aware of what comes and what goes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Softly, deeply, again....

Just as with anything that is hard to do and even more challenging to master,  Meditation brings great rewards. When I release my mind and abandon the illusion of control, I connect with Wisdom and am embraced by Peace.

Sit With Your Thoughts

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  1. I meditated this morning...first time in a long time, but thought I needed to get back to doing this...and finally did. It's like exercise...you forget how good it feels! Have a great day!