Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Digi Age Giveth and Taketh Away

My friends have heard me say this before, I could more easily give up my washer-dryer than my computer and Internet connection. The computer saves me time in both writing and art and helps me keep documents and graphics organized in a way that belies my squirrel-like tendencies. The Internet is just an extension of the "gateway to the world" that books used to be for me, only more immediate, multi-sensory, and far reaching. I don't read the newspaper at breakfast, the way Mike does, I noodle around on my laptop. Thank goodness I exercise and shower before I sit down, because zap, it's noon, and I have hardly looked away to give my eyes a rest. It's an addiction, I suppose. "Logged on", "hooked on", what's the difference, really?

I tell myself every single day that I should put off checking e-mail until after I've checked in at my craft studio; after I've put my hands on paint brushes, glue sticks, jewelry findings...anything that results in non-verbal self-expression, but it seems I am left-brain dominant.

I know that e-mail is just the Siren song leading me ever closer to crashing on the Facebook rock. Even a quick scroll through my news feed there will suck me down a maelstrom of links. So much to learn, so many petitions to sign, so many contacts to maintain.  

I believe my writer friends and mentors who tell me the hand flying non-stop across a page stimulates creativity deeper and richer than fingers tip-tapping on a keyboard. But I find transcribing first drafts so tedious, and digital editing is so much easier than finding space in the margins and between the lines.

My friend Sadhvi Gantenbein's recent post on her blog, "Oops! 50" expresses this dilemma and her brave solution to the problem so well.

I guess I don't have the strong will of my unburdened friend. I won't be joining a digital Twelve Step program any time soon. Still, even though it may be the only way to have greater contact with my grandchildren, I'm maintaining my line in the sand. There is no smart phone with data texting service in my future (well...not soon least I don't think so.)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I sit at the computer in the morning with my coffee, before I get showered and dressed. It is hard to step away, once you sit down...